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"Through a wide variety of entrepreneurial ventures, Kirby has accumulated the type of experience that makes him uniquely qualified to teach courses on how to do better in business. He is a leader in his industry, his community and his company, and never hesitates to share his knowledge through his podcasts, books and blogs. Make no mistake, if you want to do better in business and do better as a human being, you are learning from the best!!"

• Jason Nokes

About Your Coach

My name is Kirby Hasseman…and I am an entrepreneur.

In my journey of creating businesses and growing teams, I knew it was incredibly important to learn. I knew that learning meant I could make money faster. I had even thought about going back to get my MBA. But the cost of this formal education was a challenge I couldn’t overcome. I did not want to go hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. It just didn’t make sense.

We have created Better Business University to make real world business training affordable. My goal is to help thousands of leaders, entrepreneurs and creators to grow themselves and their organization. Join us as we create a movement of people who are successful in business…and in life.

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